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Emmviron is part of the sponsors for Ogun Business Summit (OBS)

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Ogun Business Summit (OBS) is aimed at inspiring and empowering small business owners in
Ogun state with quality information on how to launch, manage and build global businesses
using realities of the Nigerian marketplace and navigating the challenges that comes with
This program would stimulate the creation of more businesses across Ogun state, but not just
ordinary businesses but businesses build on the solid foundation (informed decisions), it would
create a competitive atmosphere which is necessary for economic growth and ultimately create
abundance employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed population.
Project Objectives:
• Stimulating a culture of continuous and disruptive innovation in Ogun state business
• Teaching Ogun entrepreneurs how to build visibility and brand awareness.
• Helping small businesses in Ogun move from negative to positive cashflow.
• Teaching them how to utilize data and build a data-driven business in Ogun state.
• Teaching entrepreneurs how to generate profit maximally.
• Teaching them how to attract investors and raise capital.
• Teaching them how to increase revenue.
• Teaching them market identification strategies.
• Teaching them how to navigate their entrepreneurial journey.
• Teaching them principle of inspirational leadership in business and cross-functional
team management.

About attendees:
Ogun Business Summit (OBS) is an entrepreneurship summit for all entrepreneurship
enthusiasts and existing business owners across Ogun state. It is also open all MDAs, business
enterprises, government organizations, corporate organizations and hubs within and outside
Ogun state.
Proposed audience: 2,500

To know more visit the website here


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