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Data analytics can be used to enhance company’s growth

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Few, if any, of the many benefits that technology has brought to business owners can match to data. We can now collect data from more sources than ever before, which can have a transformative impact on corporate operations when used efficiently.

Decisions based on data have always been crucial in generating corporate value. As businesses prepare for frequent pivots while navigating the new normal, increasing ROI requires harnessing current dataset and converting them into actionable insights.

Beyond Analysis, a data science and strategy consulting firm, examines the five areas where applying big data technologies and putting data to work may generally be found.

1. Identifying Growth Possibilities.

Big data’s far-reaching, broad nature allows you to understand patterns in customers’ purchase behaviors and product choices, such as identifying where customers’ shopping baskets contain ‘holes.’ Businesses can evolve their product range and upsell by knowing what items customers might buy if they became available or finding their alternative product options.

2. Product Design and Innovation Development

Every time a client makes a purchase, visits a website, or does anything else, data is generated, and these data footprints can be utilized to create patterns of behavior. Data scientists and analysts can model behavior using additional data sources, such as product metadata, to help forecast and understand the needs and motives behind purchases. A consumer who exclusively buys ready meals, for example, may be described as time-poor and uninterested in cooking.

3. Creating a Positive Customer Experience

Customer data, whether it’s the path they took through a website before making a purchase or dropping off, their social media posts, in-store transactions, or their marketing communication click-through rates, may reveal a lot about what customers like about a business and what isn’t working. We can develop alerts or triggers throughout the customer experience journey with the right big data analytics tools in place, which can notify the business in real-time to implement tactical quick wins and strategies to react effectively to the customer and continually improve the experience and brand reputation.

4. Creating Operational Efficiencies is the fourth step.

Staff and physical storefronts or branches are the next two demands on resources and budgets for many firms, after advertising. Businesses can drastically boost their operating profit and decrease wasted resources by optimizing employee scheduling and opening times. To begin, businesses can ensure that stores are open and adequately staffed to meet customer peaks and troughs in demand, as well as that the right skills and channel mix are targeted to the relevant different customer groups to optimize sales conversions, by optimizing operational aspects of the business.

5. Increasing the effectiveness of risk management.

Big data is ideal for detecting anomalies in transactions or occurrences because of the vast amount of data available. Finding and researching these inconsistencies in activity is a highly effective technique to detect and prevent fraud, and it may also be used to investigate financial crime risk for financial service providers. We can uncover previous patterns of behavior using massive amounts of historical data, allowing organizations to foresee and predict what the future may hold and better organize their activities to decrease risk.

Emmviron Data Analytics team could help you achieve business expectations with data. We could setup data driven model for your organization. We could develop model to gather business data, cleanse, analyze and interpret for the purpose of decision making.

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