Business Lessons from King Ahab (King of Israel) mistakes in 1 Kings 22.

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Business Lessons from King Ahab (King of Israel) mistakes in 1 Kings 22.

The bible is very complete, it’s explains business explicitly and provide workable strategies as well.

In 1 kings 22, King Ahab (King of Israel) discussed with King Jehoshaphat (King of Judea) about claiming Ramoth Gilead (market share) from King Aram, King of Syria (competitor).

It’s such a good idea, King of Judah (Friend & Adviser) told King of Israel, but we would have to ask from the Lord (consult their data, analyze market risk, perform their SWOT, understand market condition and evaluate chances for market penetration) before going to war (implementing the layout plan from experience and logic reasoning), He said.

Let’s do this, King Ahab said and got 400 prophets to seek the face of God about the matter (seek professionals who can look into business data, conduct market survey, competitor’s analysis and evaluate market possibilities with data and intuition).

All the prophets predict success for King Ahab after accessing the necessary information. They told the King he would be victorious, for the Lord would give Ramoth Gilead (market share) to the King. The prophet looked into the data and interpret that the King’s strategy is safe for implementation to gain more market share (Ramoth Gilead).

Can it be correct? King of Judah said, after been observant of their less comprehensive data backings. They did not provide detailed insights that can actually be used to fully affirm their claim of victory. Something must be wrong somewhere, He said, “we can’t just conclude with their claims, we need actual facts validated with proof and data backing”.

Smart King of Judah, He understand this concepts well enough.

King Jehoshaphat (King of Judah) asked the King of Israel if there are other prophets (professionals) who could look into this situation again and provide more advance, complex, explicit, explanatory and informed decision than what these prophets are speculating on.

Then King Ahab (King of Israel) said there is one more prophet (Micaiah son of Imlah), but he always notice loopholes in any of my strategies backing it with fact and preventing me to execute my plans derive logically and with careful reasoning.

Then King Jehoshaphat told the King not to think that way, his insights could be want we are looking for in this data. Then they requested for Prophet Micaiah (which is Emmviron Inc.) and asked him to carefully evaluate the data provided to him and give answers to their queries and worries.

Prophet Micaiah asked from God (looked critically into the business data, conduct market research, evaluate market possibilities and chances) and told the king of Israel not to go after Ramoth Gilead now, for this plan are not justified enough and there are lot of factors influencing the market share right now. The concept is good but the timing is wrong. External factors are currently affecting the market and if not careful enough, can ruin the entire business.

Micaiah provided enough insight for King Ahab but he refuse to acknowledge. King Ahab is such a strong headed man who thinks he has enough business experience and can justify and predict favourable market penetration with his lay down plan.

He was wrong afterward. He entered the market with that wrong strategies and unrealistic facts from quack professional who are cheap and not vision oriented. They say what you want to hear and give you advice that are not advisable.

King Ahab got wounded in the battle field before the war even started and died of injury. He didn’t get it well and that lead to him get kicked out of the business space completely.

You see there are lot to learn from King Ahab mistakes.

Here are the business lessons;

  • Critically evaluate your next line of action and understand the risk you are getting into.
  • Don’t be bias with your data and look at all possibilities and chances that may occur. What if the plan didn’t work out? What next?
  • Scale up your business in the right way and you would get result.
  • Don’t be one sided in your approach, explore all areas and be very realistic with yourself.
  • Develop visuals, prototype and test your model driven by data oriented decisions and see if you won’t enter the market to win.
  • Anything worth doing is worth doing well. You are in the business space to make more money, so spending more to get what you want shouldn’t be a problem. Hire Emmviron Inc. to help you look into your business data critically and provide visuals for decision making purposes.

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